Prepping your veggies: A tip from the Jenn-air Kitchen

We know, coming home after driving to the market and carrying all your bags to the kitchen can leave you with little energy for getting into work in the kitchen, but forge on.   The professionals from the Jenn-air test kitchens recommend that you take a few more minutes to get your veggies prepped, relying on a knife, cutting board and some good storage containers to save time later when you need to cook a meal.

By prepping your vegetables when you bring them home, you’ll save space in your refrigerator.  Most importantly, when your veggies are ready, you are more likely you are to use them when it’s time to cook.

Take broccoli for instance: go ahead and cut off the florets and put in a bag for a meal later (sautéed with shallots, pine nuts and raisins). Save the stems, slice them into thin disks and place in a bowl of salt water; they have an amazing flavor and are great for that quick snack.  Slice carrots. Create florets from cauliflower, or for a really clever idea, put your cauliflower in your food processor.   Shredded into tiny pieces, it cooks quickly in a skillet and can be used to replace rice in stir-fried dishes. Slice red peppers and dice zucchini. Get  your fresh veggies ready to use.


The best prices for appliances are NOT at the big box stores.

Despite broadcast advertising being pounded out by national hardware store retailers, you really will save money by purchasing name brand quality appliances at locally- owned and operated DeWhit “Appliance in Portland.

There are three reasons for that:

1. BrandSource levels the field. Because DeWhitt is the one of the Northwest’s leading members of the multi-billion dollar BrandSource buying group, we can provide the same discount pricing from leading manufacturers that you’ll find at big box retailers. There’s no special pricing that we can’t match.
2. Free hook-up accessories. At DeWhitt, we provide you with everything you need. Big box stores will charge you up to $60 or more for installion kits featuring hoses for washers, venting for dryers and cords for ranges. Not DeWhitt. We provide everything you need, at no extra charge.
3. Low Price Promise. Shop anywhere but purchase from the DeWhitt, Portland’s Appliance Experts. We won’t be undersold. And you know you’ll be dealing with Appliances Experts…professionals who understand and can answer every product or installation question you could possibly have because appliances are what they know.

For over 43 years, savvy shoppers have come to DeWhitt, for the best prices and service. And, since we are locally-owned and operated, money spent in our store and liquidation center stays in your community.  We answer to you, not Wall Street.


Cleaning the clothes dryer. Yep, that needs your attention, too.

To get the best performance from your dryer, it is important that you properly clean the unit. Lint buildup in the dryer and its exhaust duct can cause all kinds of issues – the worst scenario, a fire. When the flow of air is blocked by lint,  your clothes aren’t allowed to dry properly and high levels of heat build up inside the dryer.

At DeWhitt, we recommend the following cleaning  tips to extend the life of your dyer and keep your dryer safe.

  • Utilize storage space surrounding your dryer instead of using the top of it. You need some empty space around all sides of the dryer – including the back. If you need storage, consider a laundry pedestal or tower.
  • Remove lint buildup from the lint trap after every use – even if there isn’t much there, this will be a good routine to get into and it prevents the lint from accumulating.
  • Unplug the dryer – And, if you if you  have a gas dryer, shut off the gas.  One a year or so, remove the dryer hose from the back of the dryer and your outside vent. Use a vacuum to remove the access lint that has built up then reattach the hose.
  • Even if you clean your lint trap regularly, you’ll be suprised how much lint can accumulate.

Labor Day established to honor American workers

For most people, Labor Day means the end of summer and one extra day off work.

A national holiday since 1894, Labor Day was established to pay tribute to American workers, with the first Monday of September selected because it was halfway between Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

Buying American really matters.  At DeWhitt, we applaud American workers and for our Labor Day Sale, we have set amazing low prices on innovative products from industry leaders like Maytag, Kitchen Aid, Jenn-Air, Whirlpool and more.  Plus, you can shop with 0% percent financing available now through September 3.

It has been noted that if we all spent just $64 dollars a year MORE on American-made products, we could create 200,000 domestic  jobs.  (ABC news).    That’s another great reason to purchase trusted, quality-built American products at DeWhitt, your locally-owned appliance experts.

DeWhitt has been here since 1969, helping generations of customers save money and make the right appliance choices for their homes.  Call, click or visit us today!

Labor Day Sale

Deep Clean the Refrigerator: Easy!

You can keep your refrigerator from looking like a science project gone bad.  Here are the three easy steps  and a bonus tip to make this task less daunting, courtesy of DeWhitt, Portland’s Appliance Experts.

1.  Begin by removing the shelves, racks and draws and let the glass components warm to room temperature, to avoid cracking when they come into contact with hot water.  Use a mild dish soap and wash away. For the parts that don’t come out and for stubborn food stains, use a warm, wet cloth to soften the gunk, then work it with a a non-abrasive scrubber.

2.  Wash the inside with a mixture of 1 part baking soda to 2 parts warm water.  Work from the top to the bottom, to keep drips from landing on already clean services.   Note: don’t use commercial cleaners–you don’t want their scent to transfer to your food.    Use an old toothbrush or toothpicks to reach into the little cracks and crevices that can’t be reached with a cloth.   Wipe everything down with a clean towel.

3.  Before you put things back, take a second look.  Wipe down jars, bottles and lids to remove any drips or crud.  Check the dates of jars, and if  you aren’t sure, empty, rinse and recycle the bottles.  You might  try writing  purchase dates on jars and bottles with a Sharpie before you put them in the fridge so you can see just how long some things hang around your fridge.

4.  While you’re  at it, go through your storage container drawer and purge the mismatched containers and lids.  Keep just what you need and recycle the rest.

Like  anything, keeping your fridge and pantry free from clutter makes it easier to clean.


Excelsior HE: New Detergent Works Magic

Along with innovations in washers and dryers, comes the most innovation detergent ever created, designed specifically for today’s high efficiency washers.
At DeWhitt, we are pleased to offer Excelsior HE, (High Efficiency)  an amazing value that will leave your clothes cleaner and fresh than ever before possible.
Excelsior HE is incredible.
• It washes clean in cold, warm or hot water.
• It whitens without bleach.
• Eliminates the need for fabric softeners.
• One box will wash 333 full loads, using just a tablespoon of product
• (If you don’t have a front load washer, you’ll need 2 tablespoons)
• Environmentally-sound, the detergent is phosphate-free and biodegradable while the packaging is refillable.
Best of all, it comes with a money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, send the UPC code back to the manufacturer.
But, we are sure you will love it. We do!
For $79, you’ll get enough for 333 loads– about a year supply of detergent for those who do laundry nearly daily. While getting your clothes clean and fresher than ever, you can eliminate the need for fabric softeners, bleach and wash boosters.
Independence Day Special: For every front load washer purchased as part of a laundry pair between now and July 7, you can purchase Excelsior HE for just half price.  Be sure to ask our sales experts about it.
Revoluntionary detergent made specifically for High Efficiency front load washers


Parkrose “Sell This House: Extreme” features new appliances

A Parkrose area home that will be featured in the new season of A&E’s  “Sell this House: Extreme,” features a kitchen renovation with stainless appliances from Frigidaire, delivered and installed by DeWhitt Appliances, from just blocks away.

Host Tanya Memme and construction expert Charlie Franttini, along with designer, Daniel Kucan, crew and show producers, worked on the northeast home for a week in March. The show will be broadcast on July 21.

“Working within a tight project budget and a very quick timeline, we were able to deliver and install the new appliances. Like many others, we are eager to see the end result of the complete home-makeover,” said Kelley Babcock, DeWhitt sales manager.

The remodeled kitchen includes a suite of stainless appliances from DeWhitt.

The single family ranch-style home, located at 13716 NE Brazee Court, was built in 1957. Besides the new kitchen, renovations include revitalizing the natural hardwood floors, new carpet, light fixtures, doors and paint featuring an updated color palette throughout the home. “In today’s tough real-estate market, it takes more than just de-cluttering and rearranging to get a home sold,” said Memme, “and hopefully, this will inspire and entertain other area property owners.”


Why “Made in America” Matters

If we all spent just $64 dollars a year MORE on American-made products, we could create 200,000 jobs. This was documented in a fascinating series by ABC news. 

With 0% percent interest for 18 months available now through July 7th, DeWhitt Appliance is making it easier than ever to purchase new appliances for your home and the most innovative and efficient washers ,dryers, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators  and freezers are American-made.

Celebrate the independence of our great nation by insisting on appliances from industry leaders like KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Whirlpool, Maytag and Amana.  At DeWhitt, we can show you a full array of exciting products with factory-direct low prices, in-store specials, rebates up to $750 plus interest-free shopping.

Buying American really does matter.  And, supporting locally-owned business matters, too

Thank you for your business, and for helping make us Portland’s Appliance Experts, serving generations of customers since 1969, and proud to be American!

How do you wash your washing machine? Simple tips.

Not that you aren’t busy enough, but it really is a good idea to clean your washing machine.  It turns out that dirty water and soap residue can take a toll on your clothes. Since most of us are blessed with mountain-fresh soft water, we don’t have to deal with hard water deposits that can also be rough on clothes. Nonetheless, DeWhitt, Portland’s Appliance Experts, recommend that you  add these simple steps to your list of spring cleaning projects.

Lemon juice will help clean and refresh your washing machine.

Easy steps to clean your washing machine:

1. Run a cycle of hot water along with two cups of vinegar or lemon juice to get the grime out.

2. Remove your fabric softener receptacle and clean it well with hot water and detergent.

3.  Clean the bleach dispenser with a spray cleaner and paper towels.

4. Clean or wipe the surface with a spray cleaner and paper towels.

5. Run one more hot water cycle.

Also, remember to check your hoses, which should be replaced every five years or so, at the first sign of weakness.

Keeping a clean, beautiful home extends to your laundry room as well.  Most importantly clean machines will produce clean clothes.

It's a good idea to wash your washing machine to eliminate soap build up.
It’s a good idea to wash your washing machine to eliminate soap build up.

7 Neat Ways to Use Your Microwave

Sure, the microwave oven is the go-to for heating up leftovers, frozen foods or a quickie baked potato, but that’s just the beginning. There are many other ways the microwave can come in handy both for food prep and for housework.

Microwaves can do more than just reheat leftovers.

Microwaves can do more than just reheat leftovers.

For Quick Snacks

Toast nuts.     Simply place a small selection of your favorite nuts in a single layer on a microwave safe dish.  Heat for one minute, and then stir.  Heat for another minute and stir again.  Depending on the nut, this can take from 3 to 7 minutes.  When they are crunchy and smell warm and toasty, they are ready for salads, snacks or your morning oatmeal.
Popcorn.    Did you know that you can use the microwave to pop regular old popcorn?  No need to pay for expensive packaged microwave popping corn and you can avoid all the funky preservatives that come with that.  Just get some paper bags, like the kind you can use for packing school lunches.   Pour in ¼ cup of corn, and then  close the bag, folding it over several times.   Place it in the microwave on high for about 2-3 minutes, until most of the kernals have popped.  Then, you can sprinkle it with your favorite toppings, or spritz it with butter flavoring, to save extra calories.  You can also try making popcorn in a microwave-safe bowl, with a plate slightly askew on top of the bowl.  Experiment till you get it right.
Scrambled eggs.  This is a neat way to scramble eggs and  have just one bowl for clean up.  Spray a small glass dish with cooking spray. Beat two eggs into the bowl, add a tablespoon of milk or water, a  little salt or pepper, and if you like, a little shredded cheese.  Cook at half heat for 1:30 to 2 minutes.    Stir and cook for another 30 seconds to a minute until the eggs are set. Enjoy.

Household Helpers

Sterilize sponges. If you dish sponge smells like last night’s dinner, you don’t have to throw it out. Just pour   white vinegar or lemon juice in a bowl of water, soak the sponge, and then put in the microwave on high for one minute.   The heat, combined with the vinegar or lemon, will deodorize and disinfect the sponge.
Clean the cutting board.  You can use the same approach to sterilize a cutting board, especially if you are concerned about it touching raw chicken or meat.   Wash the cutting board; rub it with a lemon and put it in the microwave for another minute.
Soften hard sweeteners.   How you even been in the middle of baking when you found that the brown sugar on the shelf had hardened?  No worries.  Just splash a little water into the brown sugar bag and heat it up for about 20 seconds.  It will be soft again and ready for use.   Same with honey that has gotten hard.   Remove the lid and place the jar on medium heat for about 30 seconds until it becomes liqued and ready to pour.
Pain relief.  Use the microwave to warm up a gel or herb-filled heating pad.  Great to use for soothing sore aches and pains and sore muscles.

When you are ready for a new microwave oven, be sure to shop at DeWhitt, Portland’s Appliance Experts, so you can be sure you get the right model for your home. No pressure sales, always low prices and expert customer service so you can be sure all your questions are answered by people who know.