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DeWhitt Appliance Center's Product Line - Portland, Oregon

Quality Kitchen and Laundry Appliances in Portland, OR

DeWhitt offers a full line of the best appliances for your home, including a huge selection of ENERGY STAR rated appliances. ENERGY STAR qualified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 10–50% less energy and water than standard models. The money you save on your utility bills can more than make up for the cost of an initially more expensive but more efficient ENERGY STAR mode.

ENERGY STAR appliances also quality for rebates and tax credits, providing even more savings. Your DeWhitt Appliance specialist can provide more details.

Check out our quality appliance lines below. With DeWhitt, know that you are getting the absolute best appliances in the Portland, OR area.

Washers and Dryers Portland OR Dishwashers Portland OR Microwaves Portland OR
Washers & Dryers Dishwashers Microwaves
Refrigerators Portland OR Kitchen Ranges Portland OR Kitchen Vents and Hoods Portland OR
Refrigerators Ranges Venting & Hoods
Freezers Portland OR Ovens and Cooktops Portland OR Commerical Refrigerators and Coin-Op Laundry Portland OR
Freezers Ovens & Cooktops Commercial Refrigerators & Coin-op Laundry

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